Creating PR for Interior Designer, Judith Harrop

Judith Harrop Interior Design Studio

Many small businesses believe PR is for their larger counterparts – high street names that we all recognise.  But they were once small businesses too, and PR undoubtedly helped them on the way to success.

In late 2011 I started working with Judith Harrop Interior Design.  It’s amazing to work with a business that is immensely talented, and just needs you to help to increase their profile.     I knew instantly that Judith would win more business just by increasing her exposure, and letting potential customers know she’s there.

We began with filling her linkedin profile with her achievements, joining groups that would enable Judith to get involved in the Interior Design online network and open up new avenues for the business.

Two weeks later, we decided to further increase Judith’s profile by casting her into the PR spotlight.  Journalists regularly seek experts to talk about different topics, and the ongoing popularity of home improvement and interior design means there’s a high demand for comment in popular titles such as Homes and Gardens and Real Homes, and more specific titles such Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms, Exchanged Magazine, Tots to Teens and Hotel Business, all of which Judith has since featured in or is scheduled to appear in shortly.

Thanks to the power of PR, Judith Harrop is becoming increasingly well recognised as an experienced professional in her field, and, coupled with word of mouth, work is busy.

The next step for Judith will be to concentrate on gaining exposure to architects – the audience Judith most wants to work with.  She’s a strong believer that an Interior Designer can add most value to a project when getting involved at the earliest design stage.  Her structural knowledge, planning experience and passion for great design will shine through.

I just need to help her to get in front of that audience, and Judith will do the rest.

Take a look at how Judith feels about working with us.