About Me

In 2010, having 16 years’ marketing communications experience behind me, I set up and launched Rebecca Firth Marketing. I felt there was a real gap in the market when it came to creative copywriting. Outsourced copywriters just weren’t close enough to the business to write (the best) copy which ultimately led to me writing much of it myself! I quickly realised I had a flair for copywriting, and, coupled with my extensive marketing background, felt that I had the right skills to fill this gap in the market.

I’ve worked with SME businesses and white-collar institutions alike, and my success in writing inspiring copy and providing effective marketing solutions comes from understanding a business’s needs and understanding its customers.

On a daily basis, my clients share with me the challenges they face in building a successful business, whether it’s to increase awareness of their product, generate new business leads or simply increase the number of visitors to their website through Search Engine Optimisation.

I’ve supported new start-ups; companies that are in a rut and need some fresh thinking; and well-established businesses that want a new injection of creativity. One of my websites recently won a Gold Award.

Both my copywriting and strategic marketing advice come in Plain English……. I’ve never cared for over-complicating things and believe that ‘keeping it simple’ reaps its own rewards in today’s world of endless acronyms, idioms, jargon etc….. my point!

In my personal life, I am mum to two boisterous boys and wife to a patient husband who suffers the ‘inspiration’ moment at 3am in the morning where I scribble away furiously on my notepad!

Rebecca Firth photo